Info for authors

There will be offered invited lectures presented by national and foreign experts, workshops, poster presentations and panel discussions.

The Conference accepts the following types of contributions:

  • scientific research contributions
  • contributions of teachers in practice
  • posters on specific projects and activities

Conference language: Slovak, Czech and English

We invite authors to the conference to deliver high-quality, original and previously unpublished scientific research contributions in the field of theory and practice of teaching science. These contributions must be formatted according to the published template of scientific paper and they must not exceed 10 pages. Each offered contribution will be rewieved by experts of the theory of informatics education and their assessment will be available to the author. If the article will be accepted, authors will have the opportunity to supplement their text and send it for publication in e-reviewed proceedings.

We invite teachers of elementary and secondary schools to deliver to the conference the original contributions of their own teaching experience in teaching of informatics and informatics education. These contributions must be formatted according to the published template and they must not exceed 8 pages. Accepted papers will be published in electronic proceedings. Teachers will be able to ask the Ministry of Education for signing of credits for publication (sample of application).

We invite authors to present the results of their activities and research and projects through posters. Presentation of posters will be held throughout the conference on panels (requirements for the poster), located in common areas of the conference. Each author may present his/her poster theme especially during the time reserved in the program and poster presentater can lead an open discussion with conference participants during breaks for refreshments.

All your contributions should be submit through the EasyChair


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