APRIL 15th - 17th, 2015

Faculty of Natural Sciences, Matej Bel University

DIDINFO is the most important Slovak national conference on teaching informatics at all levels of education. It provides an opportunity for researchers, teachers and didactics of practice to regularly meet and exchange experiences in theory and practice of teaching informatics and informatics education at primary and secondary schools. It also deals with university and lifelong learning of teachers of informatics and a variety of aspects related to the development of informatics education.  

The conference will consider and discuss educational goals of the informatics subjects and informatics education, their content and the structure, role, forms and didactics of programming and the various teaching practices, teaching materials, evaluation, innovative teaching approaches that encourage the development of competencies for the 21st century. It will deals with competitions, projects and supporting activities, the social, cultural, gender and ethical issues related to informatics education at primary and secondary school, new forms of interaction of informatics with other subjects and their learning objectives, forming education and training of future teachers and other related issues.

Conference topics:

  • Informatics and informatics education at elementary and secondary schools,
  • Programming in informatics education,
  • Informatics contribution to the development of skills for the 21st century,         
  • Basics of informatics thinking in preschool age,
  • Educational research: methods, results and perspectives,
  • Mobile technology in teaching informatics.

There will be offered invited lectures presented by national and foreign experts, workshops, poster presentations and panel discussion. We would welcome contributions of all teachers of computer science, information education and special informatics subjects presenting innovative approaches in teaching, as well as contributions dealing with pre-school, and lifelong learning.

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