prof. Jozef Hvorecký

Vyučovanie informatických predmetov on-site a on-line formou Pozvaná prednáška

Compared to traditional education in classrooms, e-learning has several specifics. Some are shared by all courses, some are subjectspecific. In our paper, we concentrate on activities appropriate to Information Science online courses. The term “online course” is interpreted in accordance to the book [1] as 100% online education with all teaching, learning and communication activities done over the Internet. The reason is obvious: Online education targets students unable for working, family, health or other problems to attend classes in person. Despite the fact that some of them may be occasionally capable of coming, the teacher has to be prepared for cases of their complete absence and still to offer an identical-quality education. It implies that the material described below can also be used in hybrid courses exploiting the Internet only partially. In our paper we describe all stages of educational process starting with course design and development, its content and selection of the most appropriate formats of presentation, through course run till the evaluation of the students’ achievements and teacher’s activity. The detailed analysis of the stages, processes and tools enhances the teacher’s flexibility, offers him/her a portfolio of applicable activities corresponding to his/her aims, individual educational style.