Call for Papers for the next conference 2017

23rd Annual Conference DidInfo – international scientific conference on teaching of informatics at all levels of education, including academic, early childhood development and lifelong learning. It focuses on teaching methods of main topics of the core of informatics branch. It provides an opportunity for the presentation of results and the exchange of experiences in the theory and practice of teaching informatics and informatics education. It also deals with university and lifelong learning of teachers of informatics and a variety of aspects related to the development of informatics education.

5th Annual conference DidactIG - focuses on Didactics of Informatics (ICT and information literacy). It allows sharing of experiences and results of educational research focused on educational ICT and Informatics. It also provides forum for discussion on current issues, trends, teaching methods and knowledge to professional community. Part of the conference is reserved for practical demonstrations and workshops.

At a joint conference, we will consider and discuss educational goals of informatics, its content and the structure, role, forms and didactics of programming and the various teaching practices, learning materials, evaluation, innovative pedagogical approaches that encourage the development of competencies for the 21st century etc. Besides the lectures of local and foreign experts we will provide space for poster presentations, panel discussions and workshops.

The main topics of the conference:

  • School Informatics, views and experiences of teachers from different countries
  • Reforms and lesson planning by innovative state education programs, government development strategy of digital learning
  • New trends and developments in the field of programming and other main topics of the core of informatics branch
  • Benefits and drawbacks of information technology
  • Innovative approaches in teaching informatics and other informatics oriented subjects
  • Competitions, projects and supporting activities
  • Formation and preparation of future teacher education and other related aspects
  • Education of the young generation (net generation) for life in the digital age
  • Understanding the concept of digital literacy, resp. informatics thinking of pupils and their teachers
  • Social, cultural, gender and ethical issues related to information education
  • New forms of interaction of informatics with other subjects, open learning, knowledge sharing, electronic platforms etc.

General guidelines:

The conference accepts the following types of contributions:

  • Scientific research contributions
  • Contributions of teachers in practice
  • Posters and presentations on special projects and activities related to the conference objectives

Conference language: English, Slovak and Czech The maximum extent of the contribution and the date of submission of the complete version for review by the conference on-line system determines the category of contribution. All accepted submissions presented at the conference will be published in reviewed in the conference proceedings with ISBN. Extended versions of selected papers in English, recommended by program committee, will be published after further review in scientific journal Pedagogika. If paper is accepted we require conference attendance of the author or at least one author (of a multi-author paper/poster).