Invited speakers

Ivan Kalaš
ScratchMaths: curriculum content and its design principles

Main goal of the ScratchMaths project is to explore how 9- to 11-year-old pupils learn to program and how the development of their computational thinking correlates with the development of their mathematical thinking. We will characterise each period of the it­erative design and quali­tative research of the project since Septem­ber 2014. Our focus will be on the 5E pedagogical framework which we have created and applied, the structure of the curriculum content and teaching materials we have developed, as well as sum­marizing several key design princi­ples, which we formulated while designing and evaluating the pro­ject.

Petra Kotuliaková, Natália Kisková
Promotion of IT education among young women. AJ Ty v IT

 Aj Ty v IT is already few years successfully raising awareness among young women in Slovakia about the IT sector. Initiative is promoting the education and career opportunities in IT, with special attention paid towards women.

 AJ Ty v IT started in 2012, when the number of girls at the Faculty of Informatics and Information Technology at the Slovak University of Technologies (FIIT STU) hardly amounted to 3% - 5% of the total number of students. On the contrary, the labor market shortage of skilled professionals in IT sector, not only in Slovakia, was permanently on rise. Particularly alarming was the significant lack of women, who are developing their careers in IT. These circumstances gave rise to unique initiative led by group of women promoters of IT among young generation, called “Aj Ty v IT”.

The name of this initiative itself, “You also in IT”, underpins the fundamental principle: that literally anybody could leverage the opportunity of becoming IT literate, regardless of gender, age, etc. The further development of own IT skillset provides career options for women at numerous companies, ranging from start-ups to corporations, across wide spectrum of industries. Since the establishment, initiative rapidly extended its presence to other cities and universities in Slovakia, broadening their base of followers among young Slovak girls.

Aj Ty v IT is providing workshops, debates, lectures at high schools and universities in various regions of Slovakia, and it communicate with girls also using virtual channels –website, new blog, videos and stories of successful IT specialist, as well as girls currently studying IT.

Tatiana Hajduková, Ivan Bacigal
Informatics Education as a part of cybercrime prevention